Credit: TEP Photo/Rosie Oakley




Why is regular giving so important?

Regular giving is a simple way you can make a huge impact on our work. Regular givers provide us with a steady, predictable source of income which helps us plan our future work more effectively.

How does my donation make a difference?

Without your support, we'd be unable to do any of the work we do in eastern Uganda. Your donation helps us address major challenges faced by pupils and educators, as we work to both guarentee childrens access to primary education and improve the quality of that education. Since 2013, our donors have sponsored a multitude of projects designed to bring professional training to local educators and develop essential school facilities such as classrooms and water systems.

Can I donate books and other materials?

Usually, we do not except donations of books or other materials from the UK. There are several reasons for this: - transporting materials is diffcult and expensive. - books must be relevant for the Ugandan curriculum and culturally appropriate. - importing donated books hurts domestic suppliers in Uganda.

How is my money used?

The TEP is run entirely by volunteers and currently has no salaried staff. This means we can dedicate an overwhelming portion of our income to facilitating projects on the ground in eastern Uganda. Operational funds are divided between our two programmes (see Our Projects), which work respectively to provide free professional training to local educators and assist schools in the provision of educational resources. In sponsoring construction work in Uganda we will always prioritise hiring local contract labour and buy materials from local suppliers.