The TEP began life in late 2013 as a small community project involving 4 government primary schools in Tororo district in eastern Uganda. The purpose of the project - named Talk Maths - was to address low learning achievement in mathematics by assisting local teachers and encouraging talk in the classroom. This implied moving away from pure rote learning, and encouraging primary learners to verbalise, share, discuss, explain and explore their ideas and understanding. Local teachers involved in the project were highly motivated by the transformation they saw their classrooms, and demand quickly grew to expand activities into new schools.

By the end of 2015, Talk Maths had expanded to 15 partner schools. We also selected a handful of dedicated local educators to become instructors, enabling us to build capacity and enhance local participation and ownership in our work. During July 2015, we also began assisting schools in the development of key infrastructure: constructing a three-classroom-block at Rugot Primary School in Mulanda sub-county, Tororo. Around the same time, local demand grew to expand our training and encourage an inquiry-based model not only in mathematics teaching, but across the whole school curriculum, 


In 2016, we became the Talk Education Partnership promising to advocate talk as a whole school approach, and have since addressed other key areas such as reading skills in primary learners. In December 2016, we also successfully registered as a UK charity. Since then, we have continued to deepen our role in the struggle to guarantee children's access to education and improve the quality of that education in eastern Uganda.

(Above) Net making workshop with a primary maths class at Morkiswa Primary School during our pilot project. October 2013.