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Our first project began in late 2013 in rural Tororo District, Uganda. Our aim was to improve the quality of mathematics education for pupils in 4 rural schools, developing their mathematical understanding and skills to improve their lives and the lives of their families.


Where: Tororo District, Uganda

When: Oct/Nov 2013

How many schools? 4 (Morkiswa, Pomede, Okwira and Rugot)

How many teachers? approx. 15

How many pupils? approx. 2000

Duration of project: 6 weeks


We spent a day in each school working directly alongside teachers planning collaboratively and team teaching. Once a week, all four schools would meet and take part in a capacity building workshop which would introduce new teaching ideas that we would all try the following week. An idea of topics and schedule are below:

Left: (November 2013) Teachers  of the project together with  coordinator Francesca Knapman


  1. Talk Maths strategies worked effectively in Ugandan Classrooms.

  2. Teachers are successfully adopting Talk Maths strategies into their everyday practice.

  3. Pupils are more confident in mathematics lessons.

  4. Pupils actively participate in lessons.

  5. SEN pupils are motivated through Talk Maths strategies and more involved in lessons.

  6. Pupil attitude to mathematics is more positive.

  7. In particular, girls’ attitudes to mathematics improved significantly in Talk Maths classrooms.

  8. Pupil attitude towards Talk Maths ideas is very positive.

  9. Pupil understanding of mathematics improved.

  10. Teachers are more confident teaching mathematics.

  11. Teachers, Head Teachers, Parent Teacher Associations and School Management Committees are extremely enthusiastic to continue the project.

Feedback from teachers who took part in our project:


“There has been a great improvement towards pupil attitude to maths as a subject.”

“My pupils are now active participants in lessons, without fear.”

“Learners are able to discover their mistakes and correct them.”

“Weaker pupils are now involved in the lesson and have more confidence.”

“The Talk Maths project has improved my own understanding in maths. I used to get bored when teaching maths because pupils were not understanding. But now pupils are getting well with maths."

“My pupils love to work together. It helps a lot develop pupils understanding because they share ideas.”

“Talk Maths has encouraged both boys and girls to do maths.”


“Before Talk Maths I had negative attitudes towards teaching mathematics but this project has given me the interest.”

“It has been all along more my talk but now is more of pupil (learner talk).”

“The approach has been to stay and we will continue using it.”

“Talk Maths has made my teaching so interactive and learner centred.”

To read more on our PilotProject, download the full official evalution below:

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