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Our largest project to date, Project15 saw our partnership grow from 5 to 15 Talk Education schools. It was an ambitious undertaking involving 30 new Talk Teachers and 4 UK trained teachers. Furthermore, the first ever Talk Maths Instructor Training Programme was completed, providing the partnership with the capacity to continue professional development throughout the year.  


Where: Tororo District, Uganda

When: July/August 2015

How many schools? 15

How many teachers? approx. 40

How many pupils? at least 8000

Duration of project: 6 weeks


We followed a similar model to the PilotProject, with weekly workshops and each UK teacher taking responsibility for 4 new schools. This meant that Ugandan schools received one-to-one support from a UK tranied teacher once a week.

Each week, we had a different focus that was discussed and explained during workshops. Then, through the week, new Talk Teachers would have the opportunity to practice key concepts with support from their UK colleagues. 

The response was incredible and before long we had increased pupil participation, confidence and understanding. 

In an extremely exciting new venture, our founder Francesca also led our first Instructor Training Programme with 5 of our original teachers. An enormous success, the 5 completed the training with bags of confidence and the capability to conduct their own training and workshops to promote continued professional development through the year in Talk Philosophy. 


Above: (July/August 2015) Photos from workshops and lessons through Tororo district.


Since our very first project, our pilot schools have been striving to work on a whole school 'Talk Initiative' which involved expanding the Talk Philosophy into other areas of the curriulum. This year, we were excited to provide support towards this goal in the shape of Geography Teacher Claire, who visited Okwira and Rugot Primary Schools. She supported the schools in inducting new teachers; providing demonstration lessons, support in lesson planning and staff meetings to teachers across the curriculum. 

One HUGE success was the Rugot Open Day, which saw the school open it's doors to 3 new local schools involved in Project15. With Claire's help, the teachers of Rugot planned workshops and lessons across the curriculum and year groups designed to demonstrate the key concepts of Talk Philosophy in practice. New teachers were able to ask questions and discuss common challenges and successes from one of our most impressive Talk Schools. With a huge amount of enthusiasm from both sides, it was wonderful to see one of our pilot schools taking such a leading role.

Our new Talk Maths Instructor Stephen.

Claire and the Rugot ladies.

Active lessons on shape in Primary 1 with Florence.

Discussing how we can make resources to engage pupils.

Rugot teachers demonstrate Think Pair Share.

New teachers listening to Talk Philosophy from Rugot teachers.



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