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Teachers needed for PROJECT15!

Happy New Year! It’s looking like 2015 is going to be a big year for Talk Maths with classrooms to build and the planning of our biggest project yet. But how would YOU like to do something unforgettable, life-changing and just ridiculously fun this year? I am looking for qualified teachers to join me this July and play a crucial role in providing teacher training to rural schools in Uganda. Primary maths specialists would be fabulous, but they are hard to come by, so any primary teacher or secondary maths teacher with a passion for encouraging learning through talk is very welcome. Karibu (Swahili for you are welcome).

I have almost 30 schools on a waiting list who desperately want Talk Maths to come to their schools. Each teacher who comes with me could potentially provide training for 4 schools, around 16 teachers and, incredibly, improve the education of thousands of children!

If you’re interested please get in touch on our contact page and I can send you more details.


TEP Founder

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