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International Partnerships

A HUGE thank you to Year 6 pupils at St Andrews School 107 in Bangkok for raising over 5000 Thai Baht during their recent enterprise project. After each team made such huge profits they decided to donate all the money to the TEP, after hearing about the recent drought.

Below: Pupils from St Andrews 107 fundraising for the TEP | Bangkok, March 2017

Across East Africa communities are experiencing the most devastating drought in recent memory. In Uganda, harvests have failed and severe water shortages have led pupils to drop out of school in search of water.

"I gave it to the TEP because it's good to make sure all kids can learn," said Toby.

"And it was really fun because we saw people enjoying it!" replied Kjell.

Below: Cake Pops and Homemade Lemonade | Bangkok, March 2017



You can support teachers and pupils in Uganda today by making a donation to the TEP. Your donation makes an enormous impact, helping us deliver vital resources like classrooms, books and desks and provide professional development training to teachers in remote areas.


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